NUS BBA   19 April 2017
Attending NUS Business School is more than just about starting a business
To BAC Year 4 Freddie Teo, with a specialisation in Finance, NUS Business School has been a rewarding and holistic programme that inspires students to always strive for excellence. Outside-in speaks to him to find out how his past four years have been truly one of a kind.
NUS BBA   18 April 2017
Into the dynamic banking world with Citibank
Alum Liao Shuangwei (class of 2014) sheds some light on the world of banking as a student transitioning into the corporate world. Upon graduation, I joined Citibank as a Management Associate. This position gave me the privilege to explore a new role every 6 months. Over the past 2 years, I…
NUS BBA   17 April 2017
Growing to embrace Uni life beyond her passion for numbers
Critical, passionate and a team player is how Ling Xin Yi describes herself. For the Year 4 BAC Student, whose goal is to pursue a career in Financial Planning and Analysis, these are traits that she’s developed and honed at NUS Business School. As a person who’s always been interested…
NUS BBA   13 April 2017
Choosing NUS Business School was an obvious choice
BBA Year 3 Sharyn C. Poerwanto specialising in Finance and Management tells us why she chose to study in NUS Business School and what she has come to love so far during her time here.
NUS BBA   13 April 2017
Choosing his own Business adventure
The vibrancy of campus life and the opportunities it affords was one of the reasons Sean Ling was drawn to NUS Business School. For the recent graduate, his University life involved more than studying and included a wide assortment of activities and orientation programmes available to get the complete, holistic,…
NUS BBA   12 April 2017
What it means to be truly entrepreneurial
BBA Year 4 Albert Ho, specialising in both in Operations and Finance while also being part of the University Scholars Programme (USP), tells us what his key takeaways are, over the past 4 years, from NUS Business School.
NUS BBA   10 April 2017
Learning to be a “great marketer” in the Facebook office
At NUS Business School, learning takes place inside and outside of the classroom. As part of their year one BBA programme in marketing, students take part in a range of company visits to get hands on experience. BBA Year 1 Wayne Tan, who is also currently reading the U-town College program…
NUS BBA   07 April 2017
Reuniting with a benefactor through the Peh Chin Hua Bursary
Being awarded a bursary can drastically improve a student’s financial situation, allowing them to concentrate on pursuing their academic interests and school activities with minimal worry. Outside-in speaks to a recent Peh Chin Hua Bursary award recipient, BBA Year 3 Chong Kia Wei, where he reunites with the same benefactor…
NUS BBA   29 March 2017
Speaking to leading industry movers – Mr Ronald Ong of Morgan Stanley Singapore
BBA Year 1 Dylan Chong shares briefly on a recent roundtable discussion with Morgan Stanley Singapore’s CEO – Mr Ronald Ong.
NUS BBA   14 March 2017
Internship is the first step of a career journey
Students who are in the BBA (Accountancy) programme are required to complete a mandatory minimum eight weeks of accounting or finance related internship. This compulsory internship ensures that students are exposed to the accounting industry, enabling them to have a head start in their careers when they graduate. The students…