Biz Alumni
21 January 2019

Driven by curiosity

Dr. Navid Asgari sat with us to recount his days at the NUS Business School’s PhD programme. After graduation in 2014, he joined the Strategy and…
NUS PhD   09 January 2019
Life as a researcher: Being curious and finding solutions
Being a researcher in NUS Business School offers an unique opportunity to find solutions that will have an impact on the business landscape, according to PhD students Shanshan Huang and Tan Xiang Yan Noriko. Winners of the best paper award at the recent PhD Research Day 2018, Shanshan and Noriko…
Biz Alumni   23 July 2018
Life as a PhD student: You Can Have It All
Sarah’s curiosity led her to the world of academia. After graduating from NUS with a double degree in business administration and chemical engineering in 2012, Sarah joined Unilever working in various roles, including procurement. She never planned to become an academic, but one year working in the private sector left…
Biz Alumni   20 July 2018
Commencement 2018: Embracing the spirit of learning
More than 900 students from the Doctorate, Masters and Bachelor cohorts graduated from NUS Business School on 18 July 2018. The Commencement ceremony’s guest speakers and valedictorians share a common message to the Class of 2018 – embrace a spirit of lifelong learning. The graduating students are starting on a…
NUS PhD   22 November 2017
Pursuing a PhD and being a mother at the same time
There is no such thing as being “late” when it comes to lifelong learning, or deciding to take up a PhD. Find out what PhD student Neha Tripathi feels about her journey after deciding to take on this path.
NUS PhD   31 August 2017
Pursuing a PhD in Finance
After completing his undergraduate studies in 2008 and working in the Finance industry for four years, PhD Year 5 Matt Zhang decided to pursue a PhD in Finance, in 2012. His key interest was to study the financial crisis more deeply. Here, he shares his journey as a Finance PhD…
NUS PhD   14 February 2017
A PhD in Love
In an extremely popular Christmas-time movie opening, Hugh Grant says, “Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends… If you look for it, I’ve a sneaky feeling you’d find that love actually, is, all around.” This definitely rings through for Noriko and Jingxiang, Peisha and…
NUS PhD   07 February 2017
The fellowship of research
The President’s Graduate Fellowship (PGF) is awarded to candidates who show exceptional promise or accomplishment in research. According to two PhD recipients, it has allowed them to focus on their research without having to bear a financial burden.  They told Outside-In what a huge difference it has made.
Biz Alumni   11 April 2016
PhD Alumni, now trader extraordinaire
Jane Street Capital came into prominence in August last year – this is how the New York Times (NYT) describes it: “These dangers were brought home last August, when markets were rattled by China’s decision to devalue its currency; some of the largest E.T.F.s sank by 50 percent or more……
NUS PhD   01 March 2016
Inspiring ideas and encouraging collaboration
The fifth Annual PhD Research Day gives our students from different levels and disciplines an opportunity to interact and exchange ideas for their research. “It is a great opportunity for the students to showcase their research to the entire business school community. By exposing the students to a wider audience,…