Biz Sch News 21 November 2014

Can Women in Finance Have it All?


Many sources of research demonstrate a striking correlation between gender diversity in senior management to superior corporate performance.

To delve deeper into this finding and discover “How Does One Get More Women into Senior Management Roles,” the Centre for Asset Management Research and Investments (CAMRI) held its second “Influential Women in Banking and Investments Forum.”

Speakers from Barclays Capital, Egon Zehnder and Nikko Asset Management, shared guidance and advice derived from their professional and personal experiences on how they overcame the “double burden” syndrome of balancing work with domestic responsibilities.  According to McKinsey’s 2012 Women Matter survey, this syndrome was deemed the biggest barrier in Asia to increasing gender diversity within the top management of corporations.

“It’s impossible to have it all with no trade-offs,” said Elaine Yew, Member of Global Executive Committee and Managing Partner, Egon Zehnder. “The five factors that made it possible for me to develop my career are role models, a strong support system, a company that was progressive and a supportive partner who was willing to compromise.”

At the close of the forum, all the panellists were asked if they have any regrets?  The answer – a resounding “No!”