Biz Sch News 15 July 2014

Balance your life score-card: Minister Grace Fu

Live a full life, by balancing three critical aspects of your life: self, family and society. This was the advice Minister Grace Fu gave to some 900 NUS Business School graduates, during the School Commencement held on 10th July.

MInister Grace Fu

In a moving speech, Minister Fu, an alumna of the School, shared her life journey, including her aspiration to become a ballet dancer when she was younger. She reminded graduates that family and society are equally important aspects to live a fulfilled life, and that their goals and priorities will change at various phases in life. “We can all make a difference and leave a mark. Make choices that are meaningful to you,” she added, “so that you have a balanced life score-card.”

NUS Biz Commencement
Minister Fu was among the two guest speakers for the School’s commencement ceremonies, were graduates were conferred Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees.

NUS Biz Commencement

The afternoon ceremony saw Miss Janet Ang, Country Head of IBM and alumna of the School, share her wisdom with the graduates.”Today is a special day for you, but it is also very special day for your parents and family, for your lecturers and tutors and the entire “village” who has taught, supported, enlightened and empowered you on your journey to Degree-hood,” she remarked, with applause from the audience. She advised graduates to sharpen their saw on the ‘3Cs and an A,’ – be Communicative, Creative, Collaborative, and Adaptive – to succeed in today’s competitive age.


The ceremonies ended with a gala Commencement dinner at Grand Capthorne Hotel hosted by the School for the graduates and their families.

The day was filled with joy, pride, happiness and anticipation for our graduates, their families, and their professors. “I’ve walked a long and tough yet joyful path. I know a great journey is ahead and opportunities are waiting for me. Yay me, to take the risk and be the lead!” posted Su Nhan, one of the graduating students. Messages and photos were shared and posted throughout the ceremonies.

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