Biz Alumni 25 April 2017

Business couple investing in tomorrow’s leaders

Mr Eugene Wong and Madam Emily Chin, proud alumni of NUS Business School, both of class 1992, recently made a joint decision to invest in the Emily Chin & Eugene Wong Scholarship. They share their reasons for giving back to their alma mater.

Eugene and Emily’s son taking a “spin” with an F1 car at the NUS Faculty of Engineering

“The quality of students going to the NUS Business School is critical to its success. We are investing in young people who are academically strong and who will yield not just good results, but also meaningful contributions to society,” Eugene explains.

Currently the founder and managing director of Sirius Venture Capital Pte Ltd, Eugene and Emily, an oil trader with Shell Singapore, apply the same good judgement to work and philanthropy, “Buy low, sell high”. Emily explains, “We work in a fast-paced industry, so we’ve developed and require strong commercial acumen”.

To do their part for the University, Eugene served as adjunct professor teaching venture capital and new venture finance at the School for three years. Emily was also called upon to serve as a judge for students’ case studies.

“When we joined the Business School, it was not as highly regarded then. Now it is a globally recognised institution. We’ve made a good investment by choosing to study Business and we are proud to be BBA alumni,” Eugene shares.

The family signed up for a recent donor event where they had the opportunity to go on a tour of the Advanced Robotics Center at the NUS Faculty of Engineering. They were given a glimpse of how research in robotics impacts productivity and innovation in improving the quality of lives.

Eugene and Emily with their two boys

“I want my boys to be exposed to the latest technology and also to the idea of philanthropy. We are all impressed by how NUS can push the frontiers of research and I feel it is a potential avenue we want to contribute to,” reveals Emily, who is leading by example by inculcating in her children the values of giving back to society.

Coming from a humble background and also a former scholarship recipient himself, Mr Wong is clearly aware that a scholarship is a valued form of recognition of one’s hard work and a great motivator. With this gift, he hopes they can offer the same kind of help and encouragement to business students today.

“The years in NUS may seem like hardship, but it’s a wonderful journey. I even met my life partner here! Do not just focus on grades as that is not the essence of the NUS experience. Take the opportunity to extend your network beyond your faculty. Enjoy different projects and overseas programmes that build character and life experience,” he adds.

This article was contributed by the NUS Development Office.