Biz Sch News 14 August 2014

NUS Business School comes abuzz with B-Line

The Mochtar Riady Building is already one of the best buildings on the NUS campus. And we are extending the School’s state of the art facilities with the crowning addition of B-Line.

B-Line at MRB

Located on level four of the Shaw Foundation Alumni House, B-Line is an exclusive dining and cocktail space right in the heart of the campus. Primarily used by the School’s Executive Education (EE) team, the venue is also open to staff and faculty members and is ideal for planned lunch talks, cocktail evenings, client dinners or casual team meetings. With a unique, built-in buffet line, front-projectors and screens for presentations, a balcony with great views as well as a smaller, cosier, section to facilitate interactions in small groups, B-Line sets itself apart from the other event venues.


“This is a very functional facility. It couldn’t have happened without the efforts of our various teams, including EE, facilities as well as our caterers, Oh’s Farm. To watch it come to fruition was quite an emotional, but satisfying experience! We hope it gets fully utilised for the many events that we organise and becomes a favourite BIZ facility in the coming years,” says Aaron Goh, Associate Director and Head of Operations of the EE team.

“From a facilities standpoint, this project was a breakthrough for our team in many ways as we had to work with many constraints –  a tight deadline, even tighter budget, and coordination with all contractors (thanks to our outstanding staff member Renuka Peter, who pushed them to their limits!) and internal stakeholders – to meet the desired timeline. In addition, we’ve also had to deal with the external parties such as the landlord and our neighbours. But I’m sure that when you visit B-Line, you’ll see that it all worked out well.”


Judging by the number of staff members who made the beeline for the soft launch of B-Line in June, it is evident that the hard work of our teams has paid off. Watch this space for more buzz over the B-Line!

If you’re a staff or faculty member of the School and are tempted to book this facility for your event, please contact Frederick Yap from the EE team by dropping him an email at