Biz Alumni 02 September 2018

BizConnect at Kent Ridge Alumni Family Day

The NUS staff and NUS BBA students at the BizConnect booth. Front from left: Yeo Enk Loui, Zhang Xinwan, Maxine Mak, Chin Ying Jie, Erick Keow, Tan Wei Rui Back from left: Bernard Toh (Director, Office of Alumni Relations), Tan Qing Lin, Professor Tan Eng Chye (President, NUS), Kimberly Wong, Isaac Chan, Angelina Teo, Sandra Teo, Professor Susanna Leong (Vice Provost (Lifelong Education)), Chua Nan Sze (Director, External Relations, NUS Business School)

On 18 August, NUS celebrated the Kent Ridge Alumni Family Day at University Town. Chin Ying Jie, a BBA Year 2 student, shares her experience volunteering for BizConnect.

In the hustle and bustle of adult lives, it is important to keep sight of and celebrate what is most important to us.

On this bright and joyous afternoon, members from the entire NUS community, including alumni, staff, students and their families gathered at University Town for this annual homecoming. On the huge stage, a live band performs. A passionate guitar solo riffs melodically in the background as little children shriek with joy as they go from one game booth to another, playing and collecting freebies, chomping on free popcorn and candy floss.

Members of the NUS BizConnect team were manning the NUS Business School booth which saw many people come back repeatedly to try their luck at throwing rings onto cones or put their mini golf skills to the test. Some were playing leisurely, others had their eyes on the prize – literally. They seemed to have big plans over what to do with the Gong Cha vouchers once they win them.

BizConnect serves as the bridge between students and alumni and is constantly involved in organizing and planning events that connect past and present Bizaders. Together with the Global Alumni Network Office (GANO), BizConnect matches students and alumni with similar interest through networking dinners. Do look out for their activities by joining the BizConnect LinkedIn group and Facebook page!

Throughout the day, the BizConnect team members tirelessly picked up the rings, and the golf balls, always serving with a smile. This dedication of the members carries over to their work in other BizConnect activities as well.

As the sun sets and the sky dims, the big stage turns into a movie screen. With their loved ones, hundreds of people settle down in front of the big screen, under the twinkling stars, absorbed in the story of a cow…

It was a day for friends, a day for family. It was a day to celebrate those who are most important.