Biz Sch News 21 February 2018

Best Executive MBA programme in Asia Pacific

The NUS Executive MBA programme grows from strength to strength with yet another No. 1 ranking. The QS Global EMBA Rankings 2017 puts NUS Business School as No. 1 in Asia Pacific, surpassing not only our Singaporean and Asian counterparts but also those in Australia and New Zealand.

The rankings focus on a programme’s global reputation for employability and thought leadership/research strength. Career outcomes of an EMBA participant, their executive profile, experience, and level of diversity found among participants in an EMBA class were also taken into consideration.

Listening intently for every nugget of knowledge from Professor Prem Shamdasani, also known as Dr Love

One of the distinctions of our EMBA programme is it is tailor-made for business leaders all over the world who are ready to make a change. We offer an immersive experience that takes our participants to 6 Asian countries – Singapore, India, China, Indonesia, Japan and Australia and draws on insights from thought leaders in the region.

Participants at the Jakarta segment of their programme

The NUS EMBA attracts a pool of high-calibre senior executives, averaging 16 years of experience in the classroom. This brings the rigour of the curriculum to new heights.

Many of our EMBA participants are international, such as Koji Kobayashi, who hails from Japan. This diversity offers a dynamic scope of perspectives, giving our participants more maturity and confidence. This is what Koji has to say about his EMBA experience:

“Throughout all the assignments and collaborations with my peers, I feel that now I am ready to take new challenges to the next level. Obviously, salary and career progression is good to have, but what’s most important to my career is a sense of achievement and also continuous learning.”

A visit to NUS Enterprise – The Hangar, with incubation facilities for startups

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