NUS BBA 21 September 2015

BBA team wins case competition thanks to a vital factory visit

Day 1-3

Case competitions can be challenging for student teams who do not have industry knowledge to understand case studies.

But for Team Robolution, which comprises year four students Tan Jie Ni, Nguyen Quang Minh and Perry Chia, their visit to the case company gave them first-hand knowledge that enabled them to win the Asia Pacific – Supply Chain Management Challenge (AP-SCMC).

Team Robolution overcame eight other teams from Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand to win the AP-SCMC — a first win for the Business School. Another team from Business School clinched second place in the same competition last year.

AP-SCMC was part of the Supply Chain Asia Forum 2015 organised by Supply Chain Asia. Held earlier this month in Singapore, the competition with its theme “Rise of the Robots – Is it Worth the Price?”, required students to present the challenges of using robots in supply chains.

Guided by Associate Professor Thompson Teo of Decision Sciences, the team was able to contact electronics manufacturer Texas Instrument for permission to study an automated warehouse system in its factory.

“Seeing the robotic system up close allowed us to recreate a visual representation of its processes during our presentation. This helped us to communicate our ideas to the judges,” said Team Robolution’s Perry.

The judges were also impressed by the team’s structured and smooth presentation. According to Associate Professor Teo, “The team came up with appropriate recommendations and understood the challenges in implementing robotics in supply chain.”

The students highlighted the importance of having a professor advisor who can provide guidance with their industry knowledge. “We were very fortunate to have Professor Teo, who pointed out flaws in our work that would not be well received by the judges,” said Perry. “Such feedback allowed our team to evaluate the feasibility of our recommendations and revise our ideas accordingly.”