NUS BBA 29 October 2015

A visit to Unilever Singapore

unilever gp imageAssociate Professor Ang Swee Hoon led 19 students from her Principles of Marketing class to Unilever’s regional office in Singapore. Business School alumni, Minh Nguyen, Sherlyn Loh, Kwek Li Jun, and Queenie Ou, showed them around.

We found out first-hand that it is never a regular office day at Unilever Singapore.

Firstly, there were few employees around. Unilever’s global communication system means that employees can communicate with each other wherever they are, whenever it was. It has re-defined work-life integration.

And for those that were in the office, they could take a break any time in the gym or cafeteria to re-energize. This system underlines Unilever’s trust in its teams to deliver without the need of a typical office set-up.

Despite this seeming lack of physical proximity, there was a strong coherence between different departments. For example, the research team and the marketing teams were constantly updating each other on consumers’ feedback.

During the visit, we were given insights into the marketing strategies behind several of its brands. Unilever is a giant in our everyday lives, bringing to us many familiar brands like Lux, Dove, Ponds, Sunsilk, Lifebuoy, Rexona, Persil, Ben & Jerry’s, Walls, Lipton and Knorr, just to name a few.

The alumni shared about their working experiences at Unilever, and the internship programs available. Then we were taken on a tour of the kitchen.

w VW in backIt was a truly marvelous experience. We learnt that the world of marketing extended beyond the mere creation of an advertisement. It is an exciting world where behaviors and ethics are brought into question, and new products are innovated.

The contributor, Phung Tan Hai Long, is a first-year BBA student.