NUS BBA 23 October 2015

A visit to Google Singapore

Google visit group photo 1Office designers working for Google have an interesting design consideration — Google employees should not be no more than 45 metres away from food.

This explains why we kept encountering mini-kitchens packed full with drinks and snacks across the three floors of Google Singapore during our tour.

It was an eye opener for the 15 of us from the Principles of Marketing class led by Associate Professor Ang Swee Hoon.

Our hosts, Farah Sidek and Yoshiaki Gondokusumo (who is a Business School alumnus) explained that while Google is a huge company, it is also trying to maintain a startup culture.

Google visit group photo 2This is why there are mini-kitchens, a games room and even a sleeping area that has a hammock, where employees would feel comfortable in, they said.

During our visit, Google employee Danny Kim, who is also a lecturer at Business School for the Digital Marketing course, also briefed us on Google Singapore’s organisational structure.

We also had a chance to find out more from Farah, Yoshiaki, Danny and Jia Hao (another Business School alumnus) on their personal experiences on working in Google.

Overall, the visit has enlightened us about Google’s unique culture and what makes the organisation one of the most exciting technology companies in the world.

The contributor, Dea Nora Tannada, is a second-year BAC student.

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