Biz Alumni 15 March 2019

5Qs with Lim Chee Siang, Honorary Treasurer, The MBA Alumni-NUS Association

The MBA Alumni–NUS, founded in 1985, is an alumni body affiliated with the NUS Business School. The MBA Alumni–NUS comprises many top business, corporate, industry, government and academic leaders.

The Association provides a platform for business networking and referral, investment and leadership, as well as experiential learning and social community outreach opportunities.

The body serves as a bridge between the Business School community and society.

Chee Siang (bottom right) at an alumni dinner event

From organising Explore Singapore in conjunction with MBA student’s orientation week to alumni networking events such as the Golf Reunion Challenge, this group of top business, corporate, industry, government and academic leaders live and breathe the NUS Business School spirit.

Recently, the Association established the MBA Alumni-NUS Advancement Fund with the objective of assisting financially needy students going on student exchange, which is part of the Global Immersion Programme by NUS Business School

Outside-In speaks to NUS MBA alumnus Mr. Lim Chee Siang (Class of 2015), Honorary Treasurer of the Association and Chairman of the Fundraising Efforts team, to find out what is the motivation behind this.

1. How did the idea to create this fund come about?

In the era of globalisation, it is important for NUS Business School students should have a holistic view of the world. To help students gain this important perspective, the School has in place various programmes for students to experience culture overseas, such as exchange programmes where they can experience life on another campus for a semester.

We hope that The MBA Alumni-NUS Advancement Fund could alleviate the financial strains of needy students going abroad. The Association hopes to inspire stakeholders – alumni, students and public – to contribute to this worthy cause.

2. What is the fund’s intention?

The objective is to support students’ financial needs when they go for overseas exchanges.

Subsistence costs can go as high as $8,000 for an exchange in Asia and needy students will find it challenging to raise that amount.  They will neither be able to work overseas nor locally to supplement their pocket money.

3. How much money have you raised to date?

We raised S$46,000, and that is before the government coming in to match this.  In total, the funds should benefit about 18 students.

From left: Chee Siang, Michelle Tan (Class of 2010) and Yeo Keng Joon (Class of 1985) at the same alumni dinner event

4. What inspires the Association to give back to the School and why do you think it is important?

The Association is an integral part of the Business School community and Singapore.

We want to encourage the spirit of giving back as Care is one of the five core values of the School. We also want to celebrate Singapore’s community spirit as the nation is celebrating its Bicentennial this year. We should endeavour to support our alma mater and the community.

5. How else can the Association contribute to the Business School community?

The Association has been contributing to efforts such as mentoring for students. The mentoring can be in terms of career guidance, and advice for students aspiring to be entrepreneurs. The Association has also supported the Eminent Business Alumni Awards by being part of the judging panel.

NUS Business School has played a big part in shaping our careers and lives.  This is our way of giving back and supporting the community.

To support the MBA Alumni-NUS Advancement Fund, please visit the giving page here.