Biz Sch News   31 August 2017
Leadership Dialogue Series with Mizuho Bank Singapore
The Leadership Dialogue Series is a platform for senior industry figures share their perspectives and experiences with students as part of their holistic learning experience. Kicking off the series for this semester was Mr Guan Yeow Kwang, CEO, Mizuho Bank (Singapore). The pace of technological innovation is disrupting the financial…
NUS PhD   31 August 2017
Pursuing a PhD in Finance
After completing his undergraduate studies in 2008 and working in the Finance industry for four years, PhD Year 5 Matt Zhang decided to pursue a PhD in Finance, in 2012. His key interest was to study the financial crisis more deeply. Here, he shares his journey as a Finance PhD…
CGIO   28 August 2017
A song on field service projects
BBA students Chloe Chng Hui Shan, Foo Hui Yun, Pang Ye Fun and Tan Xin Yi worked on a field service project (FSP) entitled “A New Corporate Governance Framework for Trusts in Singapore” with the Centre for Governance, Institutions and Organisations (CGIO) earlier this year. Their work was incorporated into the…
Biz Alumni   25 August 2017
Biz School at Kent Ridge Alumni Family Day
Some 100 NUS Business School alumni and their families joined the Kent Ridge Alumni Family Day on 19 August at Utown. The event is NUS’ annual homecoming to welcome alumni, students, staff and their families to the NUS campus. Family Day had programmes such as stage performances by alumni performers,…
Biz Alumni   25 August 2017
NUS Business School Golf Reunion Challenge 2017
The annual NUS Business School Golf Reunion Challenge was held on 15 August at the Orchid Country Club. The event was organised by the NUS Business School Mandarin Alumni, NUS Business School Alumni Association, MBA Alumni-NUS and supported by the School’s Global Alumni Network Office (GANO). Some 140 alumni got…
NUS BBA   18 August 2017
Tips to survive as an NUS Case Competition Ambassador
NUS BBA alumna Kong Jin Yu was an ambassador for the UOB-NUS Case Competition 2016. Her experience as an ambassador for international teams opened her eyes to the many responsibilities of the role that go beyond just being friendly. She shares her top tips in making the best of the opportunity. Ambassadors…
NUS BBA   11 August 2017
Travelling the world with the NUS Case Consulting team
Participating in over 10 international and local case competitions, you wouldn’t guess that NUS BBA alumnus Ahamed Marzouq almost shied away from this as he thought representing Singapore and NUS was intimidating. As an active member of the NUS Case Consulting Group, Marzouq still returns to school and mentors juniors…
NUS MBA   07 August 2017
New opportunities abound for The NUS MBA 2017 intake
170 eager young minds joined formed the 2017 intake of The NUS MBA on August 1st. This year’s students represent a diversity of experiences, industries and cultures – coming from 22 countries with work experience in more than 20 industries.
NUS BBA   02 August 2017
How to succeed as an international case competitor
NUS BBA year two Wee Wei Xin Bentley is the Director for Corporate Liaison for this year’s NUS-SP Group Case Competition. He discusses his experience in participating in overseas case competitions, and the lessons he’s picked up. A typical university student’s experience will include lectures, tutorials, perhaps living in a…
Biz Alumni   01 August 2017
MBA alumni awarded inaugural fellowship for sustainable investing
Gustavo Bernal Torres, our recent MBA alumni (Class of 2016) has been awarded the first Rockefeller Foundation & Kellogg School of Management Sustainable Investing Fellowship. Based on his team’s pitch during a 2015 Kellogg-Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge, the idea named CampoColombia, which won second prize during the challenge, recognises up-and-coming sustainable…