Biz Sch News   25 January 2015
Nurturing Innovative Research
Sometimes, the best way to manage a wealth of ideas is to put it in print.  For our PhD students, the fourth Annual Research Day gave them an opportunity to share their PhD projects with a broader audience.
Biz Sch News   24 January 2015
Dr Michael Frese wins Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award
Our heartiest congratulations to Professor Michael Frese, who has been awarded the 2015 Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award by the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology (SIOP). The award honours individuals who have made the most distinguished empirical and/or theoretical scientific contributions to the field of industrial and organisational (I-O) psychology. The…
Biz Alumni   12 January 2015
Bizad Charity Run kicks off 50th Anniversary Celebrations
Our 50th anniversary celebrations got under way with an event to give back to the community. The Bizad Charity Run 2015 saw more than 1300 staff, students and alumni of the School come together to raise more than $140,000 to support financially-strapped undergraduates, as well as help Assumption Pathway School (APS) students who…
Biz Sch News   05 January 2015
“I don’t want any regrets when I look back at my life”: Leonard Lee
A computer programmer at the age of 14, then a PhD scholar at MIT and a marketing professor. Not exactly a typical career progression. Dean’s Chair and Associate Professor Leonard Lee explains his unconventional career decisions in an interview with Outside-In: Early Years “I was 14 when my dad brought…